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BALI - The Exotic Sanctuary

BALI - The Exotic Sanctuary

Kuta, Bali Tanjung Benoa, Bali

Nearly a century since Bali was introduced in Europe as a very beautiful mysterious island in 1920. Some twenty years later many books, movies, and travelogues emerged praising the island which lies in the east of Java Island. Praises as "the island of paradise", "the island of thousand temples", "the last paradise on earth", and "the morning of the world" embedded for Bali. A perfect combination of exotic natural beauty and its high culture that makes Bali become one of the major tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

Bali is the only island in Indonesia that majority of the people is Hindu. Balinese Hindu culture is influenced by Majapahit, so its culture is a little different with the one in India. It is shown from the architecture of temples in Bali, and how its society to preserve their worshiping ceremonies and traditions. Many temples that full of historical stories and myths are spread on the coast and parts of Bali, for example Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple, and Ulun Danu Temple (see the Religious Sites).

As a tropical paradise, Bali has a very stunning landscape. Bali has many beaches with white sand and panoramic views of the mountains as Mooi Indie paintings. Tropical forests will always accompany tourists traveling when exploring this island. No wonder that Bali is a place for honeymooners and wedding ceremonies for its natural beauty that makes those moments will feel perfect.

For beach lover, the beaches in Bali become one of the places to visit before they die. Heavenly scene with white sand and turquoise sea surrounded by a tropical paradise becomes distinct features of the beaches in Bali. Sunset and sunrise presented will really "take your breath away". Vraiment belle! In addition to stunning scenery, beaches in Bali are also known as a surfer paradise. Along Bukit Peninsula (Peninsula Hill) to Ngurah Rai Airport, you can explore some of famous beaches such as Kuta, Jimbaran, Dreamland, Padang-Padang, Pecatu, and Uluwatu (see Beaches).

Bali also has areas that are perfect for fans of nightlife. Kuta area filled with young tourists has many bars and nightclubs that make this area never die. For tourists who want to enjoy the nightlife in Bali more privately and classy, there is nothing wrong for them to visit the bar and nightclub in Seminyak area. If you want to experience the life style a la Balinese people, Ubud that is famous as a center of Balinese art is perfect for you. Ubud area presents hospitality that makes anyone comfortable to live there. Every day both dance performances and art exhibitions can be seen and enjoyed. The area that is a place for filming Eat Pray Love also has a museum that stores the works of world famous maestro such as The Blanco Renaissance Museum or Museum Puri Lukisan (Puri Paintings Museum). There is also The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary that is perfect for family tour.

To the north, the cool mountain area will await you. Some attractions such as Bedugul and Lake Beratan with Ulun Danu Temple can be visited. Kintamani with beautiful views of Mount Batur becomes a place that cannot be missed. The journey to Trunyan Village located near Lake Batur could be an alternative for those who want to know the life of Bali Aga community or original Balinese community.

Not only its incredible natural exotic, Bali also has spa facility that must exist in the tourist itinerary. Almost every main road in Bali, we can find a place or hotel that offers spa. Balinese Spa is famous as the best spa in the world because the presented serene atmosphere. In addition, Bali also provides private villas that are perfect for those who want serenity and peace.

The exoticism of Bali is not only seen from its stunning landscape, culture is no less beautiful and exotic. Balinese dances adopting a cross cultural and Hindu myths combined with local arts make it special. Many performances are presented to tourists every day. For instance, Kecak Dance presented every approaching sunset gives mystical atmosphere to the audiences. Barong Dance showing local wisdom also becomes a performance that cannot be missed.

For culinary lovers, Bali has a selection of food and dining place from cheap to elegant. Every area in Bali has its own privileges for the food. Letís say Gilimanuk area that has presented the special Gilimanuk Fried Chicken that is very popular and Denpasar that has Nasi Djinggo (Djinggo Rice) that is super spicy. Ubud area also has Ibu Oka Pork Bolster that is famous. Besides Balinese dishes, we can also try international dishes and Indonesian dishes served in classy restaurants and cheap food stalls in Bali (see Culinary).

Bali is also called "shopping paradise". A variety of interesting options, from traditional markets to the famous boutiques can make us endlessly want to keep shopping. To purchase souvenirs, we can visit Sukawati Market and Ubud Art Market. If we want a little more trendy, Seminyak area with a row of famous boutiques along the way should be a reference.

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